Sunday, December 03, 2006

The New Morality: By Mary (The Catholic Devotional Booklet)

The New Morality
I ran across this poem “prayer” in the little booklet called the Catholic Devotional. As you can gander from some of my previous writings, Pro Life is an issue that is very close to my heart. When I found this poem, I was really struggling to put words to paper that really express my feeling toward the absurdity of abortion. Here is the “New Morality”:

You didn’t make it, Unborn Child.
They wouldn’t let you be.
To your bud of life, they took a knife.
It’s the “New Morality.”
They didn’t mean to hurt you, Love!
You have to understand.
Forgive them for what they did.
Their life was so well-planned.
They couldn’t take you with them
up the ladder of success.
Money meant more to them
than a child, heaven-blessed.
Tell me little Unborn Child,
what did the Creator say?
Did he wrap you in His love,
and wipe your tears away?
You hover on the edge of time.
I see your faceless form.
You laugh whenever children play,
Oh, God, for you I mourn!
He sent His only Precious Son
to teach us all “the way”.
Still we kill the unborn ones.
It happens every day!
You didn’t make it, Unborn Child.
They wouldn’t let you be.
They just expelled a blob of cells.
It’s the “New Morality.”


Rose said...

There is an entire life forming inside the womb. The woman does have a right; she has a right to conceive.However once she has conceived, then it is now a separate life. The woman then has the right to parent the child or place it for adoption. She should not be given the right to kill it. Because the fetus is human, if left to live, it will result in the birth of a human baby.

MK said...

I think you miss one important point about pro-choice. Its not about the right to abort only. Its about having rights in the first place. And, I know an unborn fetus has rights in your eyes too. But, once we start taking away some rights, they will all disappear. I believe we need stricter laws on abortion. Such as a waiting period, parental consent, limit on the number you can have in a period of time, etc. Some people use abortion as a form of birth control instead of being responsible. I think those are the people you are most upset with. Keep in mind that most pro-choicers are just trying to keep the rights available to women. I see your point and would never want to get an abortion myself, but the thought of someone else deciding for me makes me feel sicker than anything else. Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

Catholic Commuter said...

Thank you for your comments. I certainly agree with you that Abortion should not be used as birth control. I must respectfully disagree with your first comment. It most certainly is about the right to abort. The pro-life movement has nothing to do with eliminating women's rights. It has everything to do with protecting life. An unborn "fetus" most certainly has rights--not just in my eyes, but in the eyes of BILLIONS of Christians and most importantly in the eyes of GOD and of course, the child him/herself. The pro life debate we are having has nothing to with "Me", I am not "UPSET" with anyone...I am AFRAID and SAD for the 4000 babies MURDERED by abortion each day. You and I can be on the same page, though. I think we can agree (correct me if I'm wrong) that LATE TERM abortion should be immediately stopped and criminalized. Minors should have consent (at least notification) of a parent, and there should be a waiting period that includes counselling about alternatives to abortion (adoption, assistance programs, day care programs- testimonials from other young parents). People with an opinion against abortion, but unwilling to take a stand, are very dangerous, they become useful idiots for the militant abortionists who believe that abortion should be as simple as getting a burger at McDonald's. God Bless

jujubell said...

I found this poem for my daughter; I read it when I was 12 and it turned me into a pro-lifer immediately. I grew up in the 80s where girls were starting to get abortions and each person I knew that was leaning that way I gave them a copy of this poem.
I was bribed to kill my 1st child with a car, apartment, school; all because they thought the father was a loser. We've been married 22 years now and have 2 beautiful children. I had only 1/2 an uterus (found out way later) and if I ever would have gotten an abortion it would have made it impossible for me to have children; they can't believe I was blessed with the 2 I have; doctors called them "miracles". What if I threw that away?
There are so many people who want children; and if you don't then don't have sex or use birth control (which I know doesn't always work, but at least be responsible.)

Brianna Arnett said...

I recently found this same booklet and that poem struck me as well. I was hoping someone had already written it up online so I did not have to copy it. Thank you!