Sunday, November 04, 2007

Patrick Henry Hughes - Inspirational Story: Rocco De Leo

Take a look at the You Tube video attached. We see two wonderful examples of the human spirit lifted by the power of Christ. This 6 + minute video does not even mention the word "Christ" or "Church", and I don't even know if Patrick and his dad are Christians, but I see Christ all over this story. Patrick was born without eyes and crippled. He was given a gift of music at a very early age and plays in the marching band at his University. That alone is a miracle. The story gets much better as a story of self sacrafice and the love of of father for his child. Remember that God the Father "so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son..." This was, of course, the epitome of self sacrafice. Patrick's father attends class with him, all band practices and performances (as he is his legs and eyes). To do this, he must work graveyard shift at UPS. The man his probably exhausted beyond anything most of us will ever know---but he maintains a constant smile and the love he has for his son radiates throughout this video. Learning about the Catholic faith is very important--but learning how to LIVE that faith is even more important. God Bless.


East Coast Commuter said...

Awesome video Rocs! Just think, there are people who are advocating a "preventative abortion" for "disabled" people like this!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this and thought i'd say, Patrick Henry and his father spoke at our church this weekend and are very much Christians and are an incredible source of inspiration! Patrick is very funny and sweet, my hubby had the privilege to sing with him for the services!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've seen these people before and their story. I think maybe their story was edited with the one I saw and they are believers. A perfect analogy of how the Father must feel about us and guides us, blind as we are, never leaving our side.