Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Let us begin our Journey

The journey toward Glory begins today. Our Lenten voyage will not be without trouble. Of course, right off the bat, we know that the Glory of Easter only occurs AFTER Good Friday and the suffering of the Cross. That is a tough pill to swallow...but do not despair, because God is with us. Our personal journeys will be met with struggle. As mere humans, our personal struggles (ie, work, bills, etc.) are much more real to us than Jesus on the cross. We can take this time to bring the cross closer to reality. We can "pick up our crossess and follow the Lord". How we do this is different for each one of us, but keeping the Lord in our FOCUS is imperative! An increase in our prayer life is a great place to start our journey. An extra Rosary, prayer befor all meals (especially in restaurants), and REMEMBER...REMEMBER to go to Mass. Maybe even through in a weekday Mass here and there. Let us also remember that the WAR is already WON! GOD does not loose- we just have to choose to fight!

God Bless,

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East Coast Commuter said...

In keeping with the Holy Lenten season, let's try not only "giving something up" but also doing "something more". Suggestions: (1) Attend Mass more; (2) Read the Holy Bible more; (3) Give more time/talent/treasure to charitable causes; (4) Witness to Jesus and His Church in the "world" more; (5) Donate a little more money to Mother Church: etc.

God Bless and remember the true path to the Glorious Resurection is through the sorrowful Passion and Crucifiction of the Messiah!!! There's no easy way around the Truth!